Inspiring collaboration to create a 3-year innovation pipeline

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Healthcare Innovation

U.S. Healthcare Company

"Thank you! Great feedback from the participants about the workshop."  Marketing Lead

"Nice Work. I heard many positive comments about Jerry Shrair and the process. Great to see things moving along."  Marketing Manager

We recently partnered with a U.S.-based healthcare company to tackle the creation and launch of a 3-year innovation pipeline for one of their major business units.  

We guided their cross-functional team through Boiling Point™ -- our proprietary team collaboration process.  

Their team was able to invent a wide variety of product innovations and identify strong finalists for immediate development.


The core challenge was to develop a pipeline of feasible, believable and compelling new brand entries for a noisy and highly competitive healthcare sub-category.  

The first deadline for introducing new products to the trade was just 10 months away.  

The business needed to develop quick wins - concepts that would intrigue consumers, drive trial and convince retailers to find shelf placement.


We partnered with the management team in the United States. A cross-functional group of managers and category experts was selected and guided through our Boiling Point™ alignment and team collaboration process.  

We helped the team leaders to craft the criteria for project success as well as identify the high opportunity areas for concept exploration.  

We then designed and facilitated a concept development workshop followed by a ranking exercise to select new brand concepts that would be supported by the entire team.


The project team was able to conceptualize a wide variety of innovative and strategically grounded new product concepts.  

Further, management and the entire project team was able to align around the selection of a set of the very strongest concepts for immediate feasibility studies and rapid execution.