Creating vision in the world of information

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Technology Innovation


“The Boiling Point™ process demonstrated that it is possible to quickly and efficiently drive collaboration and recommendations from a team deployed around the world”.

Karen Predow, VP Worldwide Market Intelligence, IBM

To help IBM understand their customers' view of the future we guided them through an accelerated visioning process. They urgently needed to bring thoughts together from across the company, combine them into a powerful message and deliver a strategic recommendation that would be supported by the entire Global Services team.


The core challenge for IBM was to create a clear strategic picture of their customers' most pressing issues and concerns for the year ahead. This required involving a team of people spread across the globe and achieving a concise recommendation combining many points-of-view that would be supported by the entire team.


We partnered with the IBM Global Services research and insights group to create a cross-functional team from across the globe. We developed an easy and efficient process to nominate and screen potential customer issues and employed a Boiling Point™online review and ranking exercise that allowed the global team to identify the most pressing customer concerns.


IBM Global Services successfully developed a powerful and comprehensive customer strategy recommendation that was endorsed by the global team.