Driving growth with a bold new vision for technology

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Financial Services Innovation

Merrill Lynch

"A great experience. Very well structured and implemented. The Boiling Point™ process created an excellent forum for collecting and sharing ideas efficiently".

John McKinley, EVP Chief Technology Officer, Merrill Lynch

We partnered with Merrill Lynch to identify the implications and opportunities of emerging digital technologies. We guided their cross-functional global team through our disciplined visioning process. They created and won approval of 3 new pilot projects for retail and institutional customers as well as employees including a 2-year implementation plan for each pilot.


The core challenge for Merrill Lynch was to create a bold new vision for the implications and opportunities of emerging digital technologies. The company needed to create a plan and build capabilities that would support their business strategy as well as their brand positioning.


We partnered with the senior strategy team based at Merrill Lynch HQ in NYC and identified a cross-functional brain trust of global experts to be part of the team. We began by guiding this team in identifying facts, trends and projections. Candidate pilot projects were nominated by the core HQ team and later reviewed & ranked using the Boiling Point™ process by the larger global team.


The global team was able to develop and align behind the implementation of 3 new pilot projects to be started immediately. 2-year implementation guidelines were also created and approved for each of the pilot programs.