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“An education and exhilarating experience. Encouraging to work with a firm that challenges your thinking. They get it.”

Director of Product Management, Novartis

We partnered with Novartis to tackle a persistently stubborn branding challenge for an emerging healthcare business. We guided their cross-functional global team through our disciplined 6-week brand development process. The team was able to win management approval of a powerful new brand platform in time for its introduction at an important industry trade event.


The core challenge for Novartis was to develop a comprehensive brand platform for a group of existing products and services. Two prominent healthcare consulting companies had been unsuccessful in their attempts to successfully align the team members over the previous two years. An important trade show was looming and the company needed a diverse global team to quickly create a powerful solution.


We partnered with the product management team based at Novartis HQ in Basil, Switzerland. A cross-functional team of global experts was selected and guided through our alignment and collaboration process. We utilized Boiling Point™ on-site workshops to develop possible solutions and then our online review & ranking methodology to solicit feedback. This approach allowed Novartis to quickly develop a powerful recommendation that was supported by the global team.


The project team was able to successfully construct and win approval of a powerful brand platform. This was accomplished in time to introduce this new platform to the entire industry at an important upcoming trade event.