Jerry Shrair conducting an executive workshop at the Energy Marketing Conference in NYC.

Jerry Shrair conducting an executive workshop at the Energy Marketing Conference in NYC.

A natural and passionate team builder, Jerry still finds it thrilling that a few simple scribbles on an easel pad can change the course of business affairs.

One of his core beliefs is that some of the best solutions to a problem can often be found right within arm's reach -- what has been called "the adjacent possible".

A singular point of pride is the development and successful evolution of the Boiling Point™ teamwork methodology — invariably a transformational business experience for participants.

His sustaining inspiration comes from watching how this methodology transforms a diverse group of business professionals into a powerful and inventive problem-solving engine.

Jerry began his career as part of the BBDO/New York account team that managed the flagship Pepsi-Cola business. He was invited to join Pepsi-Cola's HQ Leadership Team where they created a new role for him as their first head of creative brand development.

During his tenure at Pepsi, one of his core responsibilities was leading team collaboration toward the successful development of multiple national and international branding initiatives and marketing campaigns—across all of Pepsi’s flagship brands. The very first seeds of the Boiling Point™ methodology were sown in that role.

Prior to founding Inventive Problem Solving he served as a Managing Director at Marketing Corporation of America where he was a leader in their branding & marketing practice.

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An accomplished musician and aspiring cook, Jerry resides in Weston, Connecticut with his wife, artist and arts educator Hazel Usher. They have two grown daughters (who are turning out to be quite remarkable).

Photo of Jerry Shrair: Hazel Usher

Conference Photo of Jerry Shrair: David Arky