"I believe that your business team can solve problems that they thought were intractable".

- Jerry Shrair, Founder & CEO


"Jerry creates contagious optimism--he turned a group from focusing on the failures of the past to the promises of the future".  

- David Kenny, Chairman and CEO, The Weather Channel




Are you thinking about how to optimize your team's problem solving ability?

meeting isn't a solution.



How we can help?

We believe that your best chance for practical and powerful solutions begins with a team that is aligned on it's priorities and equipped to attack a challenge

Sounds so simple! But most teams (whether at the executive level or other levels) try to solve problems without a shared vision of desired outcomes.

Once a team becomes aligned they will:

• Create more powerful solutions

• Become more committed to execution

• Be more empowered

• Be more skillful and better able to do it again

We have been optimizing staff team success with our problem solving process for over 25 years.




Facilitate the process directly -- a good way to start


Train your leaders to use our methods

(with on-going check-ups & additional support to ensure success) 




Our method works -- it is remarkably effective, efficient and exciting to be a part of (some say it's even fun).

We believe there are 4 steps to inventive problem solving:

        #1: Set specific criteria

        #2: Generate many solutions

        #3: Rank the solutions

        #4: Share the best solution

Your team will be trained to use our templates and powerful collaborative tools --- designed to be easy to understand and simple to use.



What do our clients say?

Travelers Insurance called it "...a systematic process of alignment and collaboration that was at the heart of making our vital initiative an unqualified success,".
IBM Global Services called it "...a great method of bringing thoughts from many people, combining them into a powerful message and delivering a recommendation that is supported by our global team".
Unilever HPCNA called it "...one of the most efficient and effective methods of idea generation and paring that we have participated in."
Echopass (acquired by Genesys Labs) called it "A game changer...they trained our sales team to use their tools and methods successfully differentiating our sales process by aligning customer desires with our solutions".
Merrill Lynch called it "A great experience. Overall, an excellent forum for collecting and sharing ideas efficiently".
American Express called it "A creative thinking process that led to real business solutions".
Pepsi-Cola called it "Great process! Great results that created a strong sense of commitment and generated the free flowing of ideas and very powerful thinking".
IAC/InterActiveCorp called it "....worth the time spent and very useful. Both effective and efficient".
Novartis called it "....an education and exhilarating experience".


Jerry Shrair, Founder & CEO of INVENTIVEPS                                                         

Jerry Shrair, Founder & CEO of INVENTIVEPS                                                         

Meet Jerry

When you hire me you are hiring a committed, high-energy leader who passionately believes that a diverse group of professionals can be transformed into a focused hard-charging team. You're also hiring an experienced business strategist and proven creative thinker with a wealth of real world accomplishments, such as:

• Part of the BBDO/New York account team that managed the flagship Pepsi-Cola business. 

• Joined Pepsi as their first head of creative development. Responsible for leading the successful development of multiple national and international marketing campaigns. 

• Managing Director at Marketing Corporation of America.



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