Inventive Problem Solving introduces a new program for your meetings and events...


Great Problem Solvers Need Four Recipes

Effective tips for setting criteria, generating solutions, ranking ideas and sharing a winning solution

       • If you set specific criteria, you know you're headed in the right direction

         • If you generate many solutions, you increase the odds of finding a winner

• If you rank the solutions, you'll find the best that meet your criteria

           • If you share the best solution, you can explain the WHY as well as the what

This is a fast-paced and interactive program certain to inform & enrich your next event or meeting.

Great Problem Solvers Need Four Recipes combines proven methods, current research, practical tips and real case examples from our 20 years of successful corporate engagements into a compelling and informative program that professionals will easily understand, enjoy and be inspired to use.

The content is available in a variety of lengths and formats, from workshops to keynote presentations.


Time, Inc. called our 60-minute workshop experience "...exciting and creative. We came out of the workshop with information that is applicable, inspirational and actionable".

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