A Small Sample of What our clients are saying?


• North American Power

"Inventive Problem Solving was chosen over a number of traditional branding and advertising agencies to help our company develop & activate a powerful new brand that consumers would perceive as believable, compelling and differentiated.

The discipline and creative coaching that they provided allowed our own people, who know most about our business, to develop the solutions we needed. Their unique process allowed us to quickly understand and define our brand challenges, our short and long-term ambition and what success should look like.

Our work together helped shape the future of our organization. We highly recommend them to any team looking to uncover breakthrough ideas and develop a culture of creative problem solving."

Greg Breitbart, Chief Marketing Office, North American Power



"Without question, their systematic process of alignment and collaboration was at the heart of making our vital initiative an unqualified success."
Craig D. Wilson, VP Marketing, Travelers Insurance
"...demonstrated that it is possible to drive collaboration and recommendations from a team deployed around the world. A great method."
Karen Predow, VP Worldwide Market Intelligence, IBM Global Services
"...a unique approach that proved to be highly effective. In fact, one of the most efficient methods of idea generation and idea paring that we have participated in."
Donna Love, Director of Finance, Skin Care, Unilever HPCNA
"A game changer...they trained our sales team to use their tools and methods successfully differentiating our sales process by aligning customer desires with our solutions".
Vincent Deschamps, Chairman and CEO, Echopass (acquired by Genesys Labs)
"...an education and an exhilarating experience. They are a team that challenges your thinking and pushes you to strive for excellence."
Project Team Leader & Global Brand Manager, Novartis AG
"...both effective and efficient. Successful in getting entrepreneurs to cooperate and even be eager to find solutions for the greater company."
Anne Busquet, President, Travel Division, IAC/InterActiveCorp
"Great process! Great results! Gave our team the ability to quickly make decisions."
Bill Wyman, Marketing Director, Pepsi-Cola





X-ray photography provided by David Arky